Student Spotlight: Deborah Kim Grinhaus '15

Publication Date
Deborah Kim Grinhaus '15

Hometown: Scarsdale, N.Y.
Major: Political Science and Psychology, Interdepartmental
Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

Why Union:
I always knew I was destined to come to Union. Having family members that graduated from the school in 1918, 1950, 1978 and 1984, I've grown up hearing what a special place Union is. Being able to continue a tradition and legacy that go back nearly 100 years is truly an honor.

Most inspiring class:
My first-year preceptorial, "Being Human in an Inhumane Age," with Professor Lori Marso. We explored the ways in which technology has transformed our relationship with everything around us and what may happen in the future if we continue to progress in this way. This course had a profound impact on how I view modern-day technology, relationships and my participation in this amazing transformation happening within society.

Also excited about:
Studying abroad in York, England

Women's Lacrosse, Delta Delta Delta, Greek Judiciary Board, Chabad House, the Garnet Society, Alumni Speaker Series, Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Other passions:
Women and children's advocacy work. I completed a Scholars' independent research project in which I analyzed the HBO Series, "Girls," and how it serves as an exemplar to the limits and possibilities of Third Wave Feminism. Through this research, I analyzed the extensive social norms that women are held to and how the “new” women of the 21st century are changing these stereotypes and traditions. I hope to intern at the Schenectady Planned Parenthood and become involved in educating and empowering women.

Most surprising thing about Union:
The tight-knit student body and how involved the faculty is in helping students achieve success.

How I’m making Union a better place:
I was an Orientation Advisor for the Class of 2016, helping first-year students transition into college life as easily and swiftly as possible. In addition, as the academic development chair of my sorority, I work with my sisters to reach their potential and achieve success in and out of the classroom. As president of the Alumni Speaker Series, I work to connect current students with alumni who have done great things with their Union College degree.

Looking into the future:
I aspire to travel and experience different cultures. I see myself as a lawyer with a concentration in children and women's advocacy.

Advice for incoming students:
Do something that will make you 1 percent better than you were the day before. If you stick by this rule, you will leave here in four years a more genuine, caring and well-rounded individual.