Student Spotlight: Julia Hotz '15

Publication Date
Julia Hotz '15

Hometown: Glen Rock, N.J.
Major: Philosophy and Political Science
Minor: History

Why Union:
Initially, I had plans to attend Union for a term and then transfer to Middlebury College, where I was accepted as a second-semester first-year. However, upon coming to Union, I fell in love with my fellow students, my professors, the academic freedom and the intellectual curiosity this campus fosters...there was no way I could leave!

Most inspiring class:
It’s a tossup between Professor Andrew Feffer’s “History in the Sixties” course and Professor Robert Hislope’s “Intro to Global Politics.” Both opened my eyes to true American history and how critical it is for our generation to change its course.

Philosophy Club, Camerata Singers, Garnet Minstrelles, Eliphalets, Delta Delta Delta, AOP Tutoring, SI Program Instructor, Ephemeris, Gatekeeper Society, Orientation Advising, Concordiensis

Favorite study spot:
The side rooms in Lippmann Hall

Three things I’m passionate about at Union:
1) Increasing philosophical debate
2) Embracing campus diversity and the LGBTQ community
3) Supporting my classmates’ endeavors

Most surprising thing about Union:
Steinmetz Symposium. It’s awesome that Union dedicates a day so that students can admire each other’s research and other work.

How I’m making Union a better place:
By being enthusiastic about what I love about Union, being outspoken and determined to change what I don't love about Union, and by appreciating my peers who do the same.

Looking into the future:
Let's not look there yet. I'm enjoying Union one day at a time.

Advice for incoming students:
Make it your goal to try everything once. You never know what you'll fall in love with.