Student Spotlight: Rachel Marie Almodovar '15

Publication Date
Rachel Marie Almodovar '15

Hometown: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Major: Astronomy
Minor: Physics (and possibly Japanese)

Why Union:
Union offered astronomy as a major in addition to a lot of other programs and opportunities. These include the Academic Opportunity Program, which has allowed me to develop myself and learn how to take an advantage of my talents and abilities. We call ourselves the AOP family; we are very close and support each other in everything.

Most inspiring class:
The Solar System. It covered all the things I always wondered about since I was little – the planets, asteroids, comets and the possibilities of life on other planets. It was fascinating. This class is taught by Professor Rebecca Koopmann, who is my academic advisor and an inspiration to me.

Also excited about:
Taking classes in Observational Astronomy and Physics 122, “Relativity, Quantum and Applications,” a modern approach to quantum mechanics.

Heavenly Voices Gospel Choir, Bowling Club, Physics Club, cooking, listening to music, looking at the stars on a clear night

Favorite study spot:
Schaffer Library, second floor, through the double doors. The open area has a nice view and is perfect for reading. My other favorite spot is in Jackson’s Garden.

Three things I'm passionate about at Union:

  • The aesthetic beauty of the campus, combined with so much history.
  • The academic diversity, which allows me to integrate arts, literature and modern languages into my science major.
  • Experiencing the beauty of all four seasons; in Puerto Rico, the change in seasons is not noticeable.

Other passions:
Music, art and archery. I practiced archery for five years in Puerto Rico and made the national archery team.

Most surprising thing about Union:
How awesome the professors are. You are able to have one-on-one attention and establish very close relationships with them.

Looking into the future:
After obtaining a Ph.D., I plan to work for NASA as a researcher.