Publication Date

Hometown: Old Westbury, N.Y.
MajorBiology and Music (Interdepartmental); Leadership in Medicine program

Why Union
Its small size and the LIM program 

Most inspiring class
Organic Chemistry. You may say, What?! The truth is that it taught me how to cope with stress, how to study and how to bond with my peers over a common enemy – Orgo! The material itself isn’t all that bad, though.

Also excited about:
Studying dragonflies’ neurons and their prey interception during my summer research with Professor Robert Olberg and Ankur Shah ’14. I learned so much in the lab each day about the inner workings of movement. I learned to micro dissect, put in electrodes to stimulate the specific neurons and – on a lighter note – the art of catching these speedy creatures. In addition, the collaborative effort between the mechanical engineers and biologists was vital to this research. I ran the constructed prey simulator and learned how to interpret waves of the neurons.

Class of 2015 secretary/treasurer; Delta, Delta, Delta; Golub Council activities head; Bhangra Union vice president; Union College Dance Team; AUM Hindu Association (Eastern Religions and Philosophies Organization) board member; Multifaith Club; Honor Council; Interfaith Youth Core co-founder; MedLife Club; Shakti South Asian Club; Big Brothers Big Sisters; Early Music Ensemble

Favorite study spot
My dorm room

Three things I'm passionate about at Union:

  • Dance
  • Ozone Café (yum!)
  • ReUnion Weekend

Other Passions
Playing the Piano, meeting new people, traveling

Term abroad: 
Galway, Ireland, where there are courses in Irish literature, culture, and Imagining Modern Ireland

Most surprising thing about Union:
The amount of autonomy and authority the student body has to make important decisions.

How I'm making Union a better place:
I’m hoping to bring interfaith cooperation and awareness to the campus through the Interfaith Youth Core club.

Looking into the future:
I’d love to travel to other countries to provide medical care and learn from different cultures.

Advice for incoming students:
Be open to everything; try new things; take advantage of the size of this school by getting to know people - and let people know who you are.