Student Spotlight: Adam Rosenthal '15

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Hometown: Mill Valley, California
Major: Psychology
Minor: Philosophy and Anthropology

Why Union:
The faculty and the community are the major reasons I came here. I feel extremely comfortable in small classes, yet I also love meeting new people. It’s a small place, but there are big minds. The professors are great people and friends, always willing to help me with a class-related issue or something else entirely.

Faculty champion:
Professor Samuel Amanuel in the Physics Department. I have never taken physics, but one day I stopped in his office and began asking questions about his life and areas of research. Being able to form a good relationship with a professor who has never had me as a student is only one indication of the quality and dedication of the faculty here. Professor Amanuel still tries to get me to take physics.

Most inspiring class:
Global Politics with Professor Tom Lobe. He showed me how ignorant I was about world happenings. I became more aware of the intricacies between historical happenings and current events. He showed us that if you are attentive to your area of research, you can learn and teach much. It sparked a curiosity in me that I still enjoy.

Also excited about:
Living in Ozone House. It’s our family shelter up above campus, my peaceful spot where I can find goodness among a people who work together for the benefit of others. For instance, we sponsored a dinner to benefit the Engeye Clinic in Uganda, where some of Union’s Minerva Fellows are based. The clinic co-founder, a native Ugandan, came to our house to help us better understand how resources at Union could be used to help people across the world. We raised more than $1,000. The sense of family in Ozone is not limited to our house members.


  • Men’s lacrosse: The 2013-14 year was the best Union Lacrosse has had in 90 years. The brotherhood formed through hard work and our coaching staff is truly unique and shows in our success. I found out about Union through the recruiting process. It had the friendliest team I had encountered, which made the decision to play here easy.
  • Philosophy Club: Getting together with other students who have similar interests and thoughts is cool. Getting together with students who have dissimilar interests is even cooler – and more educational. Philosophy Club has introduced me to many thoughtful people, students and professors alike, who have contributed to my life outlook and choices. These include eating less meat and trying to be much more mindful on a daily basis.
  • Ozone Café: Every Friday at lunchtime we host Ozone Café, which offers an assortment of local, organic and vegetarian options. All members of Ozone House work there, serving, tabling and cleaning. It’s a good way for students to relax after a long week. There’s nothing better than good music and tasty eats with friends.

Greatest Union moment:
Studying in Fiji on the anthropology term abroad. Having the opportunity to work in a middle school and live in a village with a host family was a dream come true. I’ve never seen anything like Fijian dance. I participated in traditional Mekke dance. It’s a rite of passage, a unifying force among the people. The goodness that exudes from their dance embodies the love they have for one another.

How I'm making Union a better place:
By smiling - it's contagious!

Advice for incoming students:
Talk to strangers.