Residential Life

Theme Houses

Are you interested in making art, music or an inspired meal? Learning more about different religions and faiths? Promoting literature, sustainability or social awareness?

If so, consider Union's 13 theme houses, on-and off-campus residences where like-minded upper-class students live together for the purpose of embracing and promoting a common theme. These unique, self-directed living environments provide campus-wide programs throughout the year. The houses, all co-ed, range from apartments of seven students to houses of 20 students or more.

At capacity, theme houses accommodate 130 students who are selected through an application and GPA review process. One student in each house takes on the responsibility of house manager. In addition, the manager or another house representative sits on the Theme House Consortium, a student governing organization. Together, managers and consortium representatives plan internal events. Each house must also host at least three events each year that are open to the campus community.

ARTS House

Established: 2005
Focus: Art and creativity
Location: 201 Seward Place
# of students: 10
ARTS House is designed to create an environment that fosters creativity and imagination. Its programs speak to the mission of bringing awareness to all artistic endeavors on campus.

ARTS House floor plans

Bronner House

Established: 1985
Focus: Multicultural
Location: The John Smith House, adjacent to Admissions Office at Grant Hall
# of students: 15
Bronner House strives to raise awareness of the diverse cultures and ethnic groups that make up the campus community. Also known as a multicultural center, it is located next to Breazzano House and the Office of Admissions at Grant Hall. Coming together in a family atmosphere, residents learn about each other’s cultures and backgrounds.

Dickens House

Established: 2008
Focus: Literature
Location: 315 Seward Place
# of students: 8
Dickens House residents celebrate their love of literature and learning. Named after 19th century English novelist Charles Dickens, the house hosts events based on literary works, themes and questions.

Dickens House floor plans

Iris House

Established: 2008
Focus: LGBTQ+ community
Location: 301 Seward Place
# of students: 8
Iris House is the first Union College residential space dedicated to concerns of the LGBTQ+ community. It aims to provide a comfortable space for LGBTQ+ students and student allies, and to raise awareness about historical and contemporary LGBTQ+ issues.

Iris House floor plans

Maker House

Established: 2015
Focus: Creativity and collaboration
Location: 209 Seward Place
# of students: 7
Maker House’s goal is to aid innovative students who are passionate about making their ideas and designs into a physical reality. We achieve this by providing a group of people and a collaborative space with which to discuss ideas and help bring them to fruition. Maker House encourages all forms of making; whether it be sewing, welding, woodworking, cooking, etc., we thrive on cross collaboration between these seemingly unrelated interests.

Maker House floor plans

Ozone House

Focus: Sustainable campus living
Location: 1294 Lenox Road
# of students: 15
Ozone House promotes environmental awareness while serving as an example of sustainable living. Residents work together to create a sustainable and fun atmosphere. The house founded the Ozone Café, and members work closely with various campus departments to offer sustainable options for Union.

Ozone House floor plans

Entrepreneurship House

Focus: Innovation and creative design
Established: 2020
Location: 215 Seward Place
# of students: 8
Innovation can happen anywhere and at any time. The Entrepreneurship House provides a setting for students to interact and share their ideas. Sometimes the greatest breakthroughs in innovation occur with no money and no physical supplies. It only takes people with inspiration that is sparked from one another to generate world-changing ideas. The Entrepreneurship House is the space on Union College's Campus that is inviting and open to the new and diverse perspectives necessary to make change.

Entrepreneurship House floor plans

Rights House

Established: 2014
Focus: Civil liberties
Location: 32 Union Avenue (across the street from Union tennis courts)

Rights House floor plans

Serenity House

Established: 2017
Focus: Stress relief
Location: 319 Seward Place
# of students: 8
Serenity House was founded to create a stress-free and relaxing environment on Union's campus. Members of the house strive to maintain balanced lifestyles, encourage mindfulness, and promote serenity.

Serenity House floor plans

Symposium House

Focus: Political and social discourse
Location: 233 Seward Place
# of students: 12
Symposium House was one of the first theme houses on campus, offering dinner and discussion with a focus on political and social awareness. Residents foster an intellectual forum in which faculty and students can openly converse and cultivate a social atmosphere based on discussion, dialogue and honesty.

Symposium House floor plans

Tech House

Established: 2013
Focus: Technology
Location: 325 Seward Place
# of students: 8
Tech House was established by students who wanted to create a space for the appreciation of technology in a social and cultural context. Residents of Tech House have a devotion to understanding the advancements in the use and development of technology. Residents of Tech House are also aware of internet sub-culture and the concerns of safety in a digital age.

Tech House floor plans

Thurston House

Established: 1996
Focus: Asian culture
Location: 207 Seward Place
# of students: 8
Thurston House promotes awareness of Asian issues and culture. It hosts discussions with faculty members, Asian cinema and other programs open to the campus community. The house continues the strong tradition laid forth by History and Political Science Professor Emeritus Donald Thurston, who created the College’s Asian Studies program at Union and was a frequent faculty member in residence on terms abroad in China and Japan.

Thurston House floor plans

Wells House

Established: 1995
Focus: Community service
Location: Behind the Admissions Office at Grant Hall
# of students: 20
Wells House serves the community through volunteer work on campus and in Schenectady. Each house member is required to complete 20 hours of community service a term.

Wells House floor plans