Residential Education

Residence Halls

Life at Union is full of options, including where you call home. We offer a variety of residence halls, all an easy walk to everything you need on campus – classrooms, labs, library, campus center, arts and athletic facilities, places to eat. We are also a short distance from downtown Schenectady's many dining, shopping and entertainment venues.

About 90 percent of Union students live on campus or in College-owned houses. You’ll be assigned a roommate and residence hall your first year (Fox House, Richmond House, or West College). Both are based on your preference for your first-year preceptorial, or seminar, a staple of the Union curriculum. Residential Life will also do its best to accommodate your request for room styles (corridor or suite) or a study-focused environment for those who desire a quiet living space.

After your first year, housing will be determined through a lottery system based on seniority, and you’ll be able to select your roommate.

All of our living options are designed to foster a sense of community, and all have a variety of amenities including TV cable hookup, telephone and data network connection for direct access to the Internet.

There are six independent residence halls.

First-Year Residence Halls:

Upper-Class Residence Halls:

Upper-class students also have the following living options: