Residential Life

New students

Hello Incoming First-Year Students!

Welcome to Union! We are excited that you are joining us this fall and are looking forward to seeing you on campus.

As an incoming first-year student you must be eager to learn about housing options for the next four years of your college career. We encourage you to look at our Residence Living Options below to learn about our first year housing, as well as upper class housing. You will be asked for your housing preference (suite style, corridor, or focus study) before you are given a formal housing placement.

The Office of Residential Life works on our first-year housing placements over the summer and hope to have assignments posted by as soon as we can. More information to come regarding housing and how to learn about your assignment.

Move-in information:

First year move-in for the 2020-2021 academic year will be released soon.

You only need to do two things to be ready for move-in:

  1. Label all of your boxes and items with your name (first and last) and your residence hall and room number. Label everything!!
  2. Read the instructions below and plan out your arrival to the appropriate lot.

When you arrive, members of the Orientation Staff and/or Campus Safety will be stationed to meet you as you arrive on campus. Please arrive to the appropriate entrance as designated on the map attached here.

You will be stopped and asked for your residence hall and room number so please have it ready! A staff member will put a slip on your dashboard with your name and building and room number and arrival time. You and your family will be directed to the appropriate unloading zone. When arriving at the designated unloading zone, you will be directed to a parking spot where lots of students will be there to help you unload. These are OAs (Orientation Advisors), RAs (Resident Advisors) and student athletes and volunteers.

Please understand that these designated areas are FOR UNLOADING ONLY. The driver should stay in the vehicle and wait until it is unloaded. This should not take too much time. Once your vehicle is empty, the driver will be directed to a parking lot where he/she can park and head back to join you. If the driver does need to leave to car to help unload, please limit your stay in the loading zone to 15 minutes. Staff members will be checking cars and sending people to ask you to move your vehicle out of the loading zone.

Our goals of move-in are to take all your belongings to your room as quickly as possible without creating too much congestion in the parking lot. We hope you can help us accomplish our goals.

Transfer students:

The Residential Life Office will contact you via email to discuss housing options and communicate your housing placement.


Please email us if you plan to commute from home.


  • Can I live with my friends in my first year?

    It is our hope that you become friends with your roommate, but we do not guarantee that you can select your roommate in our first year housing process. In your first year at Union, you are matched with your roommate based on your Minerva assignment and precept course assignment. Once a hallway is made, matching precept classmates assigned to the same Minerva, we then match students to the best of our ability using the housing profile and questionnaires to try to create the best rooming matches. There is a small chance that we would be able to match you with a requested roommate, but it would have to happen on the small chance that you both were assigned to the same precept course and Minerva house. In this instance, there is a possibility that you would be able to live together, but we cannot guarantee it. Additionally, because of our philosophy as a small college, we encourage our first years to try to live with someone new. Because of everything stated above, it is very important that YOU, not your parents or friends, fill out your housing profile.

  • Once I’ve moved in, who is there for me to talk to if I need anything?

    There are a number of great resources on campus available to you including our office and the Dean of First-Year Students. But your first point of contact is the group of resident advisers. There is a resident adviser on every floor of our Residential Life operated communities. In addition to answering any of your questions, resident advisers also help maintain the standards of the community.

  • What should I bring to Union with me?

    See what to bring to Union.

  • What are the basic rules and policies on Union’s campus?
  • Do I select my own housing after my first year?

    Yes, and you have lots of options! In the spring term of your first year, you will participate in the selection process for standard residence halls (Fox, College Park Apartments/Hall), Theme Houses, or Minervas. Additionally, you can live in your Fraternity or Sorority’s house after your Sophomore year.