Residential Life

New students

Hello Incoming First-Year Students!

All first-year students will be on campus to create community and be introduced to our exciting approach to learning. Students will live in one of our residence halls and take courses taught both in person and online. For those incoming students who are not able to join us residentially this year, we want to hear from you to better understand your situation. Please reach out to Kate Schurick, dean of first-year students, at to discuss how you can successfully launch your Union academic experience and join our community remotely.

To help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and aid with social distancing, all first-year students will be assigned to single-occupancy rooms for the 2020-21 academic year. You do have the choice to opt into a double-occupancy room, should you wish to do so. Due to the unique situation presented by COVID-19, if you opt into a double, this year you can choose to identify a specific roommate or you can be assigned a roommate through our typical housing assignment process.

If you have questions, please contact Residential Life at or (518) 388-6117

Move-in information:

Move in information for January 2021 is posted here.

Transfer students:

The Residential Life Office will contact you via email to discuss housing options and communicate your housing placement.


Please email us if you plan to commute from home.


  • Can I live with my friends in my first year?

    Yes, you can indicate a roommate preference in our new housing application. You and your future roommate will need to each indicate one another’s names on the form in order for us to confirm that you both would like to live together. Additionally, because of our philosophy as a small college, we encourage our first years to try to live with someone new, so you can also opt to live with someone new based on the preferences you indicate on your housing form. If you choose to be assigned a roommate, it is very important that YOU, not your parents or friends, fill out your housing profile.

  • Once I’ve moved in, who is there for me to talk to if I need anything?

    There are a number of great resources on campus available to you including our office and the Dean of First-Year Students. But your first point of contact is the group of resident advisers. There is a resident adviser on every floor of our Residential Life operated communities. In addition to answering any of your questions, resident advisers also help maintain the standards of the community.

  • What should I bring to Union with me?

    See what to bring to Union.

  • What are the basic rules and policies on Union’s campus?
  • Do I select my own housing after my first year?

    Yes, and you have lots of options! In the spring term of your first year, you will participate in the selection process for standard residence halls (College Park Apartments/Hall), Theme Houses, or Minervas. Additionally, you can live in your Fraternity or Sorority’s house after your Sophomore year.