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The Winter Dance Concert 2020: In Dreams

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The Winter Dance Concert: In Dreams

Dancer: Marie Lindsey '21

In Dreams is an original work that showcases solo and ensemble dances with 24 students.

Winter Dance Concert : In Dreams Trailer

Among those contributing choreographed pieces were Director of Dance Miryam Moutillet, Assistant Director Laurie Zabele Cawley, and Jazz/Broadway Dance Adjunct Freddy Ramirez; along with dance minors China Campagnuolo ’20, Madalyn Engvold ’20, Marie Lindsey ’21 and Abby Polott ’20.

WDC 2020: In Dreams

Right to left: Madison Altman '20, Emma Kelly '21, Leigh Cavanaugh '22

Costumes were designed by Brittney Belz, with stage design by Andrew Mannion and lighting by Drew Bodd.