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The Winter Dance Concert 2020: In Dreams

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The Winter Dance Concert: In Dreams

Dancer: Marie Lindsey '21

Photo Credit: Ryota Matsue

In Dreams is an original work that showcases solo and ensemble dances with 24 students.

Among those contributing choreographed pieces were Director of Dance Miryam Moutillet, Assistant Director Laurie Zabele Cawley, and Jazz/Broadway Dance Adjunct Freddy Ramirez; along with dance minors China Campagnuolo ’20, Madalyn Engvold ’20, Marie Lindsey ’21 and Abby Polott ’20.

WDC 2020: In Dreams

Right to left: Madison Altman '20, Emma Kelly '21, Leigh Cavanaugh '22

Photo Credit: Ryota Matsue

Costumes were designed by Brittney Belz, with stage design by Andrew Mannion and lighting by Drew Bodd.

Winter Dance Concert : In Dreams Trailer