All night study Schedule - Spring 2024

Friday, May 31– Wednesday , June 13

The rooms listed below are available for all night study. Some can only be accessed using your Union ID card. If you have any difficulties accessing rooms or require an escort, please contact Campus Safety at (518) 388-6911

Please be courteous by respecting the following guidelines:

  • Share rooms with other members of the campus community
  • Keep noise level to a minimum
  • Do not consume food or beverages in rooms
  • Dispose trash and return seating to its original configuration

Schaffer Library

Starting on Tuesday June 4th at 8 am, the library will remain open 24 hours until Thursday night, June13th at 8 pm.

Please check the library website for additional information.

24 hours Overnight Study

Friday, May 31 - Wednesday, June 13 at 5 PM:

  • ISEC-185 Corridor
  • WOLD-102 Atrium

College Park Hall – M101, M103, M107 Wold Atrium (tables and chairs added on both levels) ISEC Atrium (tables and chairs added) ISEC Corridor

Daily 10 hours Overnight Study

Friday May 31 to Wednesday June 13: Open 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM

  • Minerva Houses: Seminar rooms in Beuth, Breazzano, Golub, Green, Messa, Sorum & Wold Houses
  • Karp Hall: Rm 001, 002, 004, 005, 006, 008
  • Lippman Hall: Rm 012, 014, 016, 017, 101, 201
  • Visual Arts Building: Rm 204