Study Spaces

Sensory Friendly Atmosphere

There are a variety of study spaces in the library to best suit your needs. Whether that includes naturally lit and quiet places by large windows such as on the third floor, or low-lit nooks in the basement, you can view our floor maps and study zones below to determine the best place for you.

study spaces - cafe booth


Be sure to try our cafe-styled booths, available on the 1st floor in the Learning Commons.
study spaces - movable chairs


There are various styled chairs (on wheels for accessibility) on the 1st floor commons.


Between the 1st floor, 2nd floor and basement, there are around 16 computers available for use. Also look for our adjustable standing desks!
study spaces - whiteboard

Movable Whiteboards

Whiteboards on wheels are available for study use, announcements, and words of encouragement.
lally reading room chairs

Comfy Chairs

The Large comfy chairs can be found in the commons area of the 1st floor near the library entrance and the other comfortable chairs can be found in the Lally Reading Room of the 1st floor.
student studying in the library

Study Tables

There are many study tables throughout the basement and 2nd floor that allow you to study openly in groups.
group study room in the basement

Group Study Rooms

For private gatherings, Group Study Rooms 14, 15, 210 are located in the basement and 2nd floor of the library. Students who require access to media equipment have priority in the Group Study rooms.
A private nook by the window

Hide-A-Way Nooks

If you're looking to study somewhere more private, you can find various little "hide-a-way nooks" throughout the library on the 3rd, basement and 2nd floor, respectively.
quiet study zone sign

Quiet Study

Quiet Study areas can be found on the 2nd floor behind the glass doors. There is NO conversation permitted, including NO cellphone use. Please set your cellphones to silent while inside the library at all times.

Find Your Study Zone

Schaffer Library has three designated study zone types throughout the building that is enforced all year round, but especially becomes important during finals week. Please check to ensure you are in the right zone by noting the sign here, which is also posted around the building.

Study Zones overview

Noise level guide

Red traffic light - quiet study

Quiet Study (red)

NO cellphone use 
NO conversations 

Lally Reading Room (1st floor, behind the glass doors), Second Floor Stacks (behind the glass doors) and the entire THIRD floor. 
Yellow light - quiet collaboration

Quiet Collaboration (yellow)

LIGHT conversation 
LOW speaking voice
NO cellphone use
Where is quiet collaboration? 

Second Floor (all except behind the glass doors) and Basement
Green traffic light - Open collaboration

Open Collaboration (green)

Conversation permitted 
SHORT cellphone conversations
Where is open collaboration? 

First Floor Learning Commons