Admissions Office

Admissions Deferral Policy

Union College allows any student who has paid their enrollment deposit to defer entry for one year at a time (gap year) for reasons such as community service, health, military service, travel, and work. The deferral may be renewed for a second year.

Requests to defer must be received by July 1 and submitted to the Director of Admissions for Evaluation, Ann Fleming Brown, at for approval.

Students who choose this option commit to attending Union in the year after the gap year. Students also agree not to apply to other colleges during the gap year.

Students may take courses at another institution, but must not be fully matriculated. Union accepts up to six AP results, IB results and/or college classes for credit.

Applicants for financial aid must submit the updated CSS Profile and FAFSA by January 15 of the gap year. If a student’s financial situation is similar from year to year so is the financial aid awarded. Merit scholarships are guaranteed at the same level for the following year. Complete financial aid requirements are available at