Dress For Success

Know Your Industry

These guidelines are a general overview of appropriate work attire. There are many career fields, such as finance and law, which are conservative. Other industries, such as fashion and marketing, may be trendier, but conservative professional attire is always the best choice for an interview. Once you accept a position, ask your supervisor what the standards are for attire, facial piercings, tattoos, and any other relevant appearance factors.

Business Professional

This style is normally required for interviews and conservative industries that require professional dress for daily work attire. Your primary goal in dressing for an interview is to feel confident while projecting a professional image to the employer. This style includes:

  • Solid, dark or neutral colored pant or knee length skirt suits
  • Long‐sleeved dress shirts or high neckline blouses
  • Clean dress shoes that you can comfortably walk in, with no marks or scuffs
  • Conservative ties coordinated with suit
  • Belts that match the color of your shoes and attire
  • Moderate jewelry
  • Neat and professional hairstyle
  • Clean‐shaven or neatly trimmed facial hair
  • Light fragrance
  • Natural style for makeup and nails
  • No visible facial piercings or tattoos

Business Casual

This style should be worn for interview information sessions, if instructed by the employer, or a work environment that requires business casual for daily work attire. This style includes:

  • Khaki or solid colored pants/slacks
  • Long‐sleeved collared shirts/blouses
  • Knee length skirts and dresses
  • Jackets and blazers are optional
  • Ties are optional
  • Tailored knit sweaters
  • Light fragrance
  • Neat closed-toe loafers/flats/shoes

What to Bring to the Interview

  • Portfolio, padfolio, or a folder with extra copies of your resume and paper
  • A professional bag
  • A pen
  • A breath mint to use before you enter the building

Gender Neutral Interview and Business Clothing

If your day-to-day attire doesn’t conform to a traditional gender norm, your interview clothing doesn't have to, either.