Career Center in Becker Hall

Recruiting Guidelines for Students

Fall 2020: All recruiting programs will be conducted virtually.

The Union College recruiting program is a valuable service for both students and employers. The Recruitment Program is administered by the Becker Career Center Employer Relations staff and is conducted during all terms. Students and employers participating in the campus recruiting program, in-person or virtually, are expected to conduct themselves professionally, act in good faith, and adhere to the Becker Career Center guidelines regarding interviews and full-time post-graduate and internship employment offers. These guidelines are in place to ensure the integrity of the program for all participants.

Accuracy of Information

All information you submit to the Career Center or directly to an employer must be accurate. In addition to concerns of ethics and integrity, many employers verify information submitted by candidates for employment. Discrepancies in information have resulted in the withdrawal of job/internship offers, as well as termination of new hire employees following the discovery of a discrepancy.

Any situation of falsified information on your resume, cover letter, Handshake profile, employer application or other job/intern candidate documentation may result in suspension from the Career Center’s recruiting program.


Student candidates are expected to attend all scheduled interviews whether in-person or virtual. Candidates should dress professionally (i.e., a suit) and arrive at the Becker Career Center or other predetermined interview location 15 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time. If your interview is scheduled virtually, you are encouraged to login 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time.

Late Arrival

If a candidate is late for an interview, in-person or virtual, it will be at the discretion of the employer as to whether the interview still will be conducted.


Cancellations are prohibited without sufficient notice. If extenuating circumstances result in cancelling an interview, you must notify Rochelle Caruso ( or (518) 388-6726) a minimum of 48 hours before your scheduled interview. If you are unable to provide 48 hours notice, you will be suspended from the campus recruiting program until you schedule a time to speak with Rochelle Caruso, the Senior Associate Director of Employer Relations.

Please DO NOT CANCEL any first round interviews to conduct a second round interview. We encourage employers to work with you to make alternate scheduling arrangements for second round interviews, if necessary. Contact Rochelle Caruso ( or (518) 388-6726) to discuss your situation.

No Show

Any student who fails to provide advance notice or does not show up or login for an interview will be suspended from the campus recruiting program until they schedule a time to speak with Rochelle Caruso, the Senior Associate Director of Employer Relations. Students also must send a letter of apology to the employer and provide a copy of the letter to the Becker Career Center.

Employment Offers

Employers are expected to allow students to participate in the full term of recruitment activities.

Post-Graduate Full-Time Offers

If employers make offers at the end of the summer to interns returning to Union for senior year, it is recommended that students are given until November 1 to make a decision. We recommend that employers who make offers during fall recruitment allow students until December 1 to make a decision.

For offers made on or after December 1, we recommend that candidates be given a minimum of 30 days to make a decision.

Internship Offers

It is recommended that employers who make offers for internship positions give student candidates a minimum of 30 days to make a decision.

Accepting Offers

Once an employment offer has been accepted (internship or post-graduate), students are no longer eligible to apply or interview for any positions. Students must withdraw all outstanding applications and cancel any scheduled interviews. Any student who reneges on the acceptance of an offer obtained through the campus recruiting program, which includes alumni and employer contacts, will be immediately suspended from all recruitment activities provided by the Becker Career Center for the remainder of the recruiting term. Students must meet with a member of the Becker Career Center Employer Relations team to be considered for reinstatement and access to the recruiting program.

Students who have difficulty making a decision or need more time to consider an offer are strongly encouraged to meet with a member of the Becker Career Center staff. The Becker Career Center encourages students to explore ALL career and employment options in order to secure a position for which they are well-suited.


If you have any questions or concerns with these guidelines, please contact Rochelle Caruso, Senior Associate Director of Employer Relations in the Becker Career Center at (518) 388-6726 or