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Research and Capstone Projects

Student research is an integral part of campus life at Union College. The National Conference on Undergraduate Education has been hosted here twice, and many of our students attend this conference each year to present their work. Engineering students will find opportunities to work on research projects exploring new ways to produce energy, better ways to heal bones, ways to visualize scientific data, better models for understanding speech defects, new ways of making high performance insulators and other materials, new image processing techniques for identifying human faces, and many other exciting areas. Over 100 students typically work with faculty each summer on funded research projects. See our undergraduate research web page for more information about research opportunities and past projects across campus.

All engineering students have the opportunity to complete a capstone design project during their senior year. The projects are supervised by faculty, and the topics are chosen by students based on their interests. More information as well as some examples can be found on the Biomedical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering websites.