Engineering at Union Best Science Lab Facilities
Based on student ratings of their school's science lab facilities
(Princeton Review)

Top reasons to study Engineering at Union

  • Explore the curriculum for a year: We encourage first year students to investigate other areas in order to discover their true passion. We recommend every incoming student with an interest in engineering take the Exploring Engineering course offered during fall term.

  • Experience engineering in a liberal arts institution: You can take a few courses, complete a minor, double major or even get another degree in a different field of your interest. In addition, there are many options to work on projects with students from other majors, giving you the chance to combine your diverse interests.

  • Enjoy small classes: You will have the opportunity to have one-to-one discussions with your professor and contribute to discussions actively and engagingly.

  • Learn from enthusiastic faculty: Professors care about their students, have flexible office hours and are always willing to help you.

  • Gain a global outlook: Students are encouraged to participate in study abroad opportunities. We offer a wide range of programs in Australia, China, the Czech Republic, England, France, Italy (Sicily), Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Vietnam and many others.

  • Pursue undergraduate research: During your four years at Union, you will have the possibility to pair with a professor and work on their research area or come up with your own project and investigate that.