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Matthew R. Manon

Matthew R. Manon

Job Title
Lecturer in Geology
F.W. Olin Center 312
Department/Program: Geology

Areas of expertise

Thermobarometry of Metamorphic Minerals

Research interests

My research focuses on the interplay between tectonic processes and rock metamorphism. I use the thermodynamic properties of minerals to unravel the pressure/temperature histories of metamorphic rocks. My graduate thesis focused on the exhumation history of lawsonite and epidote blueschists from the island of Crete. As a post doc at Syracuse University I worked on understanding the PT (Pressure + Temperature) history of very young coesite-bearing eclogite and associated rocks from the metamorphic core complexes in Papua New Guinea. Since our knowledge of these thermodynamic properties is somewhat incomplete, I will always be interested in acquiring more basic thermodynamic data on minerals. I have experience with the chemical characterization of minerals and rocks at many different scales by using Petrography, XRF, XRD SEM and EMPA. In addition, I have experience using thermodynamic modeling software such as THERMOCALC, PERPLE_X and THERIAK-DOMINIO for answering petrologic questions. As a geologist, I find it hard to be confined to just one field and so I’ve got a broad range of other interests including low-temperature thermochronology, accessory mineral thermobarometry, uncertainty assessment in geology, and geophysical modeling of mantle phase.

Field Areas: Papua New Guinea, Crete

Teaching interests

GEO 110: Physical Geology
GEO 112: Environmental Geology
GEO 220: Mineral Science
GEO 303: Introduction to Geophysics
GEO 307: Structural Geology
GEO 405: Senior Seminar


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Gallego, A., and Manon, M.R.F. (2018) Determining the p/t path of metamorphosed phyllites using chloritoid-chlorite-phegite and other blueschist facies assemblages in Peloponnesus, Greece: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 50, No. 2, ISSN 0016-7592

Manon, M.R.F., Frey, H.M. (2017) Trace Element signature and CL zoning of Volcanic Apatites from Dominica, Central Antilles: Second Biennial North American Workshop on Laser Ablation

Manon, M.R., 2009. PT history of a suite of rocks from the coesite-bearing locality on the D’Entrecasteaux Islands, PNG: insights from pseudosection modeling. Eos Trans. AGU 90(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract V43D-2304.
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Manon, M.R.F., Dachs, E. & Essene, E.J., 2008. Low T heat capacity measurements and new entropy data for titanite (sphene): implications for thermobarometry of high pressure rocks. Contr. Mineral. Petrol., 156:709-720 10.1007/s00410-008-0311-3

Wiebe, R.A., Manon, M.R., Hawkins, D.P., 2004. Late-stage mafic injection and thermal rejuvenation of the Vinalhaven granite, coastal Maine Journ. Petrol. 45 (11), 2133-2153

Additional media

Academic credentials

B.A., Franklin and Marshall College; Ph.D., University of Michigan