Geosciences Department
Matthew R. Manon

Matthew R. Manon

Job Title
Senior Lecturer in Geosciences
F.W. Olin Center 312

Areas of expertise

Thermobarometry of Metamorphic Minerals

Research interests

My research focuses on the interplay between tectonic processes and rock metamorphism. I use the thermodynamic properties of minerals to unravel the pressure/temperature histories of metamorphic rocks. My graduate thesis focused on the exhumation history of lawsonite and epidote blueschists from the island of Crete. As a post doc at Syracuse University I worked on understanding the PT (Pressure + Temperature) history of very young coesite-bearing eclogite and associated rocks from the metamorphic core complexes in Papua New Guinea. Since our knowledge of these thermodynamic properties is somewhat incomplete, I will always be interested in acquiring more basic thermodynamic data on minerals. I have experience with the chemical characterization of minerals and rocks at many different scales by using Petrography, XRF, XRD SEM and EMPA. In addition, I have experience using thermodynamic modeling software such as THERMOCALC, PERPLE_X and THERIAK-DOMINIO for answering petrologic questions. As a geologist, I find it hard to be confined to just one field and so I’ve got a broad range of other interests including low-temperature thermochronology, accessory mineral thermobarometry, uncertainty assessment in geology, and geophysical modeling of mantle phase.

Field Areas: Papua New Guinea, Crete

Teaching interests

GEO 110: Physical Geology
GEO 112: Environmental Geology
GEO 220: Mineral Science
GEO 303: Introduction to Geophysics
GEO 307: Structural Geology
GEO 405: Senior Seminar


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Gallego, A., and Manon, M.R.F. (2018) Determining the p/t path of metamorphosed phyllites using chloritoid-chlorite-phegite and other blueschist facies assemblages in Peloponnesus, Greece: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 50, No. 2, ISSN 0016-7592

Manon, M.R.F., Frey, H.M. (2017) Trace Element signature and CL zoning of Volcanic Apatites from Dominica, Central Antilles: Second Biennial North American Workshop on Laser Ablation

Manon, M.R., 2009. PT history of a suite of rocks from the coesite-bearing locality on the D’Entrecasteaux Islands, PNG: insights from pseudosection modeling. Eos Trans. AGU 90(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract V43D-2304.
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Manon, M.R.F., Dachs, E. & Essene, E.J., 2008. Low T heat capacity measurements and new entropy data for titanite (sphene): implications for thermobarometry of high pressure rocks. Contr. Mineral. Petrol., 156:709-720 10.1007/s00410-008-0311-3

Wiebe, R.A., Manon, M.R., Hawkins, D.P., 2004. Late-stage mafic injection and thermal rejuvenation of the Vinalhaven granite, coastal Maine Journ. Petrol. 45 (11), 2133-2153

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Academic credentials

B.A., Franklin and Marshall College; Ph.D., University of Michigan