Information Technology Services

Public Computing Facilities

There are multiple locations on-campus where electronic facilities are provided. This comprehensive table should give a basic understanding of the capabilities of our facilities.

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Location # of Computers # of Windows # of Macs Hours
Karp 103 Collaborative Classroom 14 0 14 24 hours
Library Learning Commons 23 7 8 Schaffer Library Normal Business Hours
Library Learning Lab 15 15 0 Schaffer Library Normal Business Hours
Wold 1st & 2nd levels 2 0 1 24 hours

Installed software on Windows and Mac computers in our public computing facilities (including electronic classrooms) offer a wide variety of software applications. Upgrades to new versions of software on computers in classrooms/public computing facilities occur once a year over summer break.

Current Software in Public Computing Spaces (Fall 2019)

Windows Machines Mac Machines
Windows 10 Macintosh 10.14 (Mojave)
Adobe Acrobat X Pro Adobe Acrobat X Pro
Adobe CC Pro 2019 Adobe CC Pro 2019
Adobe Premiere CC Pro 2019 Adone Premiere CC Pro 2019
(Wold 028 only)
ChemDraw 2018
ChemDraw 2018 Final Cut Pro 10
(Karp 103, WLDC 118 and iMacs in Schaffer Learning Commons ONLY)
EViews 11.0 Firefox
Firefox Geometer Sketchpad
Geometer Sketchpad Georient
Georient Google Chrome
Google Chrome Google Earth
Gretl Gretl
HandBrake HandBrake
Java 8 iTunes
JMP Pro 14 Java 8
Mathematica 11.1 JMP Pro 14
MATLAB 2019a Keynote
Microsoft Office 2019 Mathematica 11.1
SAS 9.2 Microsoft Office 2016
Silverlight 6 OIV
Skype 7 SAS 9.2
SPSS 6 Silverlight 6
SigmaPlot/SigmaStat Skype 7
Turningpoint Turningpoint
Video Lan Media Player (VLC) Video Lan Media Player (VLC)
Zoom Client Zoom Client