Schaffer Library


Schaffer Library is always pleased to consider gifts of books and periodicals for the collection. In the case of Union-related items, we are also interested in ephemeral materials such as posters, programs, pins, etc. We reserve the right to accept gifts at our discretion (for example, on the basis of condition or relevance to the collections). The Library accepts gifts with the understanding that any item not added to the collection may be disposed of as the Library deems appropriate. Gifts not selected for the collection are generally offered for sale to benefit the Library’s acquisitions program. The Library does not encourage unsolicited gifts.

An on-site visit to a donor may be made if the Collection Development Librarian believes such a visit is necessary to evaluate the appropriateness of the gift. Absent a visit, a gift may be refused if the Library does not receive a list of the offered items. An acknowledgement of the gift will be sent to the donor by the Library.

Staff members do not appraise gifts to Schaffer Library, and all appraisals must be performed prior to donation. If the donor wishes to claim a tax deduction, he or she must inform the Union Fund, Abbe Hall/Carriage House, Union College, 807 Union Street, Schenectady, NY 12308. A form will be sent to the donor by the Library for this purpose.