Admissions Office

Transfer Credit Guidelines for Transfer Students

Please note that the Academic Catalog is the definitive statement of transfer credit policy and takes precedence in the event of a conflict with the information provided here.

Extent to which pre-matriculation courses can be transferred

  • Transfer students may bring in up to two full years of college course credit and must complete two years of study at Union to qualify for a Union degree. For declared engineering majors, up to 20 credits can be transferred; for others up to 18 can be transferred.
  • To determine the number of Union course credits derived from semester credit hours, add the total number of semester credit hours and divide by 3 1/3.

Courses taken during high school

  • At most, six of these transfer course credits can come from any combination of Advanced Placement (AP) examinations or the International Baccalaureate Program (IB).
  • Students with AP examination scores of three or higher in calculus and four or five in other subject areas may be eligible to receive college course credit. Credit for IB courses may be awarded for higher-level examination scores of six or better; economics will accept a score of five at the higher level.
  • For more detail about credit for courses taken during high school, please see the Academic Catalog.

Courses taken at other colleges or universities

  • Online courses are not eligible for transfer credit.
  • The credit value of a course must be at least three semester-hour credits or five quarter-hour credits to earn course credit at Union.
  • Courses meeting these criteria described here that have Union equivalents transfer and can be used for major, minor, and/or Common Curriculum credit.
  • As a matter of current practice, Union transfers up to three courses without Union equivalents that are part of a 4-year degree program at another college or university in fields that have cognates at Union.

Performance in courses

  • Course work at other colleges will be recognized only if a minimum grade of “C” is achieved.

Questions and confirmation of transfer credit

  • Prospective transfer students with questions about transfer credit can contact the Admissions Office.
  • When admitted students have confirmed intent to matriculate with a deposit, the Dean of Studies will complete a transfer credit approval form. Transfer credit is official when it has been recorded by the Registrar’s Office, following receipt of official transcripts.