Biology Department
Steven Rice

Steven Rice

Job Title
Florence B. Sherwood Professor of Life Sciences
Integrated Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC) 337
Biology, ESPE

Research interests

Ecology and physiology of mosses and conservation biology

Teaching interests

Biodiversity (BIO 064), Cellular Foundations of Life (BIO 104), Biology of Plants (BIO 315), Conservation Biology (BIO 322) and Environmental Physiology (BIO 331)


  • Granath, G., H. Rydin, J. Baltzer…and S.K. RICE (and 43 others) 2018. Environmental and taxonomic controls of carbon and oxygen stable isotope composition in Sphagnum across broad climatic and geographic ranges. Biogeosciences 15: 5189-5202, doi:10.5194/bg-15-5189-2018.
  • RICE, S.K., T.A. Gagliardi and R.A. Krasa, 2018. Canopy structure affects temperature distributions and free convection in moss shoot systems. American Journal of Botany 105:1-13, doi:10.1002/ajb2.1145.
  • Hanson, D.T. and S.K. RICE 2014. What can we learn from bryophyte photosynthesis? Chapter 1 in Hanson, D.T. and S.K. RICE (eds.) Photosynthesis in Bryophytes and Early Land Plants. Springer, Dordrecht.
  • RICE, S. K., N. Neal, J. Mango and K. Black 2011. Relationships among shoot tissue, canopy and photosynthetic characteristics in the feather moss, Pleurozium schreberi. The Bryologist 114: 367-378.
  • RICE, S. K., N. Neal, J. Mango and K. Black 2010. Modeling bryophyte productivity across gradients of water availability using canopy form—function relationships. In: Tuba, Z. and N. Slack (eds.), Bryophyte Ecology and Global Change. Cambridge University Press.
  • RICE, S. K., L. Aclander and D.T. Hanson 2008. Do bryophyte shoot systems function like vascular plant leaves or canopies? Functional trait relationships in Sphagnum mosses (Sphagnaceae). American Journal of Botany 95: 1366-1374.
  • Malcolm, G.M., D.S. Bush and S.K. RICE 2008. Soil nitrogen conditions approach pre-invasion levels following restoration of nitrogen-fixing black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) stands in a pine-oak. Restoration Ecology 16: 70-78.

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Academic credentials

B.S., Yale University; M.S., Ph.D., Duke University