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Student loans

Loan services

The Finance Department is responsible for the collection of Federal Perkins Student Loans, all Institutional Student Loans, CAUSE Award Loans, and the Family Loans awarded by Union College. The information provided through the links below will assist you once your loan has entered repayment.

You are not required to begin repayment of your loan if you are enrolled in a graduate program or continuing your education. Please complete and submit the deferment form. If you are unable to make your loan payments as scheduled, please review the deferment information and complete and submit the appropriate deferment form and documentation.

Email the Bursar's office at bursar@union.edu to inform us of a change in address, phone #, or name.

There are a variety of Loan options available to students and families, both federal and private. Please refer to the Financial Aid Office's website for more information on the loan programs and application procedures.



Contact the Bursar's office at bursar@union.edu.