Communications & Marketing

Video Creation

Bringing Union to life

The Communications team has basic video equipment and editing capabilities in-house, primarily for the purpose of enhancing our online news stories with occasional video clips. We also maintain a number of external video partnerships, both with student groups and professional videographers. However, the Office of Communications & Marketing does not have a budget for video projects other than those commissioned by the College as a whole (e.g. the Arts at Union, Leadership for the 21st Century, Pathfinders).

If you have basic videography needs for an event or lecture, you should first check with Media Services. If your video is for marketing purposes or for external distribution via one of the College's online communications channels, contact our office. In that event, you will need to supply a budget code for your project as well as a clear plan for how your completed video is intended to be distributed, and to whom.

When planning a video as part of your communications and marketing strategy, keep in mind that projects that can be completed using in-house resources are always less expensive than those requiring a professional video firm. And while online videos have witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity and accessibility over the past few years, a video may not always be the most effective way to reach your target audience. When in doubt, contact our office to discuss the role of video in your larger communications plan.