Community Standards

Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and other Campus Services

Academic Affairs

  • Purpose

    Academic Affairs is responsible for the formulation of educational policy, matters involving the faculty, and all academic related processes. Academic Affairs includes Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty, Dean of Academic Departments and Programs, Dean of Studies, and Director of Academic Planning and Finance.

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

    The Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty has the responsibility for all academic matters related to faculty and students, the curriculum, and academic budgeting. Supervisory responsibilities include Information Technology Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, International Programs, Registrar’s Office, Schaffer Library, the Union College Academy for Lifelong Learning (UCALL), the Common Curriculum (General Education), the Director of Engineering, and the Director of Assessment.

  • Dean of Academic Departments and Programs

    Olin 210 Suite | (518) 388-6233

    The Dean of Academic Departments and Programs oversees all academic departments and interdisciplinary programs, plays a key role in faculty recruiting, faculty development, curriculum development, and advising the Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty on matters associated with the review and promotion of faculty. Supervisory duties include the Director of Interdisciplinary Programs and the Director of Faculty Development and all academic department chairs and program directors.

  • Dean of Studies

    Olin 210 Suite | (518) 388-6234

    The Dean of Studies has responsibility for implementation of academic policies and has supervisory responsibilities that include Academic Achievement Office mentoring programs, Advising, the Academic Opportunity Program, the Health Professions Program, the Law and Public Policy Program, National Fellowships & Scholarships, the Scholars Program, Undergraduate Research, and the Writing Center.

  • Director of Academic Planning and Finance

    Feigenbaum Hall, 1/F | (518) 388-6033

    The Director of Academic Planning and Finance manages the academic finances and facilities, supervises the Engineering Machine Lab and supports the Vice President of Academic Affairs, other Academic Affairs Deans, faculty, administrators, and staff within Academic Affairs on various resource matters.

Student Affairs

  • Dean of Students

    306 Reamer Campus Center | (518) 388-5555

    The Dean of Students Office oversees a wide range of programs and services intended to help students to meet their academic and personal goals at Union. The office houses the Dean of Students, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Community Standards and Project Coordinator for the OVW Grant.. Students who have questions or problems of any sort and are unsure of which office is best suited to assist them should stop by Reamer 306 for a referral.

    The Dean of Students Office oversees all policies related to student conduct and is publisher of the Student Handbook, which is available on the College website at: or in hard copy by request.

  • Becker (Stanley R.) Career Center

    The Becker Career Center is committed to teaching students how to develop and achieve their career so that they are able to secure opportunities that evoke their passions and manage their careers for a lifetime in a dynamic, diverse, and global environment. We empower our students to take personal responsibility for shaping their future. We do this by encouraging self-assessment, exploration and reflection, providing opportunities to apply learning and begin careers, educating students about graduate school and the world of work, and providing resources to advance students through all phases of their career development.

    Students can use career assessment tools at the Becker Career Center such as the Strong Interest Inventory, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and SkillScan card sort to further assess their interests, skills, and abilities. Once a student has a better sense of self, they’re encouraged to utilize the many resources to explore graduate school and the world of work, conduct informational interviews with professionals in their career field(s), and search for internships and jobs of interest.

    The Becker Career Center staff helps students develop four core career competencies: Career Decision Making (including self-assessment, exploration, and reflection), Professional Communications (including, Resume Writing, Cover Letter, Personal Statements, Business Emails, etc.) Interviewing, and Networking. By mastering these competencies, students equip themselves with the lifetime ability to discover and secure positions for which they are well suited. Becker Career Center programs are designed around facilitating student growth in these areas and preparing students to find and connect with opportunities consistent with their interests.

    The Becker Career Center houses a number of online career research tools that allow students to research potential career fields, locate employers by industry and geographic area, and find and apply to internship and job postings. Handshake, the Becker Career Center’s web and mobile-based career resource, allows students to access and apply to internship and job postings and register for upcoming Career Center events and much more.. The alumni database provides students with the opportunity to identify alumni with whom they can network, learn, and build genuine relationships from which valuable opportunities often emerge.

    For more information regarding the Becker Career Center, visit the Career Center website: or call the center at (518) 388-6176.

  • Bursar

    McKean House | (518) 388-6039

    The Bursar’ office provides student account billing information and receives payment for tuition and fees. The office is a division of Financial Services and is located on the first floor of McKean House.

    The Bursar’s office provides online billing and payment support to students and their families using WebAdvising. Patents can use WebAdvising, but only after the student grants them access. After setting up the account, you will be able to view statements and information regarding your student account as well as receive email reminders about payment due dates. The fall, winter and spring terms are billed in July, November and in February, respectively.

  • Class Deans

    At Union, the Class Deans steer students to resources in all areas of student and academic life. The Dean of First-Year Students provides guidance as students navigate the transition into college. Then, after the first year, each class is assigned a Class Dean who will stay with them through the remaining three years of their academic program.

    Class Deans support students with all aspects of their academic & student life experience at Union. They serve as the first point of contact for faculty with concerns about student in their classes in addition to working closely with families who have concerns about their students.

    Class Deans are available to discuss the following with students:

    • Getting connected to campus resources
    • Academic Difficulty
    • Extended absences/leaves
    • Graduation progress
    • Making social &; co-curricular connections

    Class Deans encourage all students to be proactive and to make an appointment to introduce themselves before they need help or support.

  • Community Standards & Accountability

    306 Reamer Campus Center | (518) 388-5555

    The Office of Community Standards & Accountability oversees the student conduct and accountability process, from low-level policy violations to larger-scale incidents that warrant a more formal procedure. The Office educates students about the policies, procedures, and expectations of behavior while enrolled at Union College, and are supported as they navigate the challenges that await them, and includes regular training, programming initiatives, and awareness campaigns targeted for students to learn more about the accountability process.

    The accountability process is designed to work with students to examine their behavior and that of their guests, to promote the protection of the College community and property, and to protect the rights of the members of that community to function in an environment conducive to academic pursuits. It is designed to challenge the inappropriate behavior of individuals in a supportive and educational manner that will encourage them to understand the impact of their behavior on individuals and the community.

    The Office of Community Standards is also responsible for the Student Code of Conduct, which governs the mechanisms of the accountability process and the hearing bodies tasked with its administration. You can find the full Code of Conduct, as well as more information about the Office of Community Standards at its website.

  • Counseling Center

    Wicker Wellness Center | (518) 388-6161

    The Counseling Center provides services for those students who experience personal or mental health issues and who voluntarily seek assistance with these issues. Services are offered to deal with everyday concerns such as decision-making difficulties, family and academic difficulties, anxiety, and depression. All services offered through the Counseling Center are at no cost and confidential. The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed psychologists and social workers. The Counseling Center will also assist with psychiatric medication.

    In addition to the counselors in the Counseling Center, there is a Health Educator on staff, students can make appointments to discuss a variety of issues including: alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, sexual assault, health relationships, and general wellness.

  • Dining Services & Union Hospitality

    202 Reamer Campus Center | (518) 388-6050

    The Dining Services staff is dedicated to providing wholesome, nutritious, and appealing food of the best quality. If at any time you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call on your Dining Service Manager or Supervisor. Dining requirements vary from student to student. If you require a modified or special diet due to religious observances, allergies, etc., you must submit your request to the Department of Accommodative Services (518) 388-8785. Union Hospitality specializes in offering a dining service where food, menus, and surroundings match students’ lifestyles and preferences. To learn more about our meal plans dining locations, menus, etc., please visit our website.

  • Accommodative Services

    Schaffer Library, Room 222 | (518) 388-8785

    Accommodative Services is committed to providing students with disabilities equal opportunities to benefit from all services, programs, and activities offered. The Director determines eligibility for services, authorizes appropriate academic accommodations, provides counseling, assists faculty with regard to disability, issues and questions, and helps assist students with self-advocacy in locating additional resources on or off campus.

  • Intercultural Affairs

    At Union College, we strive to enhance our vibrant learning and working community that promotes diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and a sense of belonging both inside and outside the classroom. In order to accomplish this goal, a team of diversity officers has been appointed to lead and assess the DEI effort at the College. The diversity officers work collaboratively with other departments to ensure all policies related to discrimination, harassment and Americans with disabilities (ADA) are in compliance with state and federal government. At Union, students are encouraged and empowered to lean into discomfort to learn about diversity and contribute in building an inclusive and equitable campus. Intercultural Affairs provides support and resources for students from different identities. These offices also provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for students to participate throughout the academic year and allow students to engage with people from all walks of life; and to learn about other cultures, identities and perspectives.

  • International Advising

    Reamer Campus Center 303 | (518) 388-8003

    The International Advising Office considers each international student and scholar a valuable member of the Union community with specific and unique needs. With our personal attention, you can make the most out of the opportunities available to you at Union and in the U.S.A. whether your stay is for one trimester or the next four years. Our office staff is here to help you to find your way around the maze of questions and uncertainties surrounding your life at Union and studying in the United States.

  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

    ISEC 183A | (518) 388-6442

    EMERGENCIES – (518) 388-6911

    The College’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Office is located on the first floor of ISECl. EHS develops, implements, and oversees all phases of environmental health and safety, fire safety, and workplace safety at Union College. The EHS staff interacts on a daily basis with all areas of the Union community (academic, residential and administrative). Additional information on environmental health and safety, fire safety, and workplace safety may be found at:

  • Greek Leadership

    Reamer Campus Center 409 | (518) 388-8777

    Fraternity and Sorority life is an important part of the campus community. Rooted in over 190 years of tradition, the Greek system continues to provide unique experiences for students who attend Union College. The rich history of Union College is reflected each year during Homecoming, Greek Week and Reunion Weekend. Members of the Greek community participate in and provide a wide variety of philanthropic and social activities for the community. Union currently has 16 active Greek Chapters.

  • Health Center

    Wicker Wellness Center | (518) 388-6120 | Fax (518) 388-6147

    The Union College Health Center provides general medical care as well as full physical exams, immunization, laboratory services, gynecological care, and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing. We have a pharmacy that delivers to the Health Center on weekdays. We have therapy dogs on site. Services are provided by our three full time Nurse Practitioners. We have a collaborating physician available on site two hours a week and by phone consultation with our staff whenever necessary.

    The Health Center is dedicated to providing quality health care to our diverse student population. We partner with students to help them obtain their highest level of physical and psychological well-being. Students are given the education and support necessary to make positive choices in order to develop a lifetime of good health habits. When needed, we collaborate with the providers in the Counseling Center located in the Wicker Wellness Center. The Health Center provides treatment to all currently enrolled undergraduate students. Our services are by appointment only. If you feel your condition requires urgent attention, a triage assessment can be provided by one of our Registered Nurses. There is no charge for a visit at the Health Center; however, fees may be applicable for testing and medications. More information about the services provided by the Health Center can be found at their website.

  • Health Insurance

    McKean House | (518) 388-6106

    Union requires that all full-time undergraduate students have health insurance that meets the minimum requirements established by the College.

    Domestic students who enroll at Union will automatically be enrolled and billed for the student health insurance offered through the college, unless coverage is waived. Students who are covered by their parents/responsible party’s insurance may opt out and waive enrollment by visiting or The waiver must be completed annually by August 10th.

    International students and other non-U.S. residents are required to be enrolled in the student health insurance administered by HTH Worldwide If you have questions or need assistance , contact The International Advising Office at (518) 388-8003. For more information, Contact HTH directly by email or by phone (610) 254-8700.

  • International Programs

    Old Chapel, Third Floor | (518) 388-6002

    Union College considers its commitment to international programs to be a central part of its identity. In addition to broadening a student’s perspective and deepening their knowledge of other cultures, international programs often energize and challenge a student to a higher level of commitment to the enterprise of learning. Students wishing to study away from Union College may do so through the International Programs Office. Updated information is available on the International program website at:

  • Kenney Community Center

    The Kenney Community Center serves as Union College’s headquarters for student volunteer efforts, community outreach, and the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP). The Center hosts educational after school programs for youth, mentoring programs, collaborative partnerships with area not-for-profit organizations, and special community building events. We support student coordinated volunteer events and programs like UCARE Day (a free carnival for the city’s youth), U-ReBloom, (visiting nursing home residents with flowers, Service Saturdays, one-day community service projects), and more to provide Union College students with meaningful service opportunities. We also help students fundraise for area not-for–profits. We help students cultivate their leadership skills through service opportunities

    The Kenney Center is located at 257 Park Place and Nott Street, between the campus and College Park Hall. For further information: or

  • Mail Service

    The mailroom is located on the first floor of the Reamer Campus Center. The Service Window is open 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday while school is in session and 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM during school breaks for sending and package pick up.

    Mail and packages to Union should be addressed as follows:

    Student's Name - Box #

    Union College

    807 Union Street

    Schenectady, NY 12308

    Package Pick-Up Instructions

    When a student receives a package, they will receive an email from the mailroom stating they have a pick up. The mailroom will make three (3) attempts to contact the students before a shipment is returned to the sender. It is the responsibility of the student to pick up the package within two (2) weeks.

    • The mailroom reserves the right to dispose of perishable items (food, flowers, etc.) if they are not picked up within a reasonable amount of time. The mailroom is not liable for the reimbursement of disposed items.
    • First-class mail (letters, bills, postcards, etc.) is forwarded over the summer and winter term breaks to the address we have on file. No other mail (magazines, periodicals, etc.) is forwarded and is disposed of or recycled. If a student would like to receive any of these mail pieces, they should make arrangements in advance with either the publisher or sender. Additionally, packages received via UPS or FedEx cannot be forwarded and must either be held or returned.


    If shipment tracking is required, it is strongly suggested that either UPS or FedEx beis used. USPS delivery confirmation has proven to be less reliable. The College will only be financially responsible for insured incoming packages, letters, etc., that require a signature.

    Please be advised that a signature is not required for USPS Delivery Confirmation and Priority Mail.

    The Mailroom staff can assist with packaging and shipping (packing materials are available in the Campus Bookstore). Students can ship their belongings home with the assistance of the mailroom. Ask about the “ship it home” program.

    Although not a U.S. Post Office, postal services are available as well as UPS and FedEx shipments. The College is not responsible for outgoing packages or mail.

    The Schenectady Post Office is located downtown on Jay Street, only a short walk from campus. This is also a good place for passport information.

  • Minerva Programs

    Reamer Campus Center 403 | (518) 388-8790

    The Office of Minerva Programs oversees and supports the seven Minerva Houses: Wold, Golub, Beuth, Sorum, Breazzano, Green, and Messa. These houses offer places where students, faculty, and staff can engage with one another. The office is responsible for creating a vibrant intellectual life outside the classroom, as well as offering a diverse and interesting social scene within welcoming and inclusive communities. Each house funds numerous intellectual life events supporting the goals of the Minerva Program.

  • Reamer Campus Center

    The Reamer Campus Center is the hub of student activity on campus. Located on the first floor of the center is a Bank of America ATM, public televisions, the Bookstore/Convenience Store, W.R.U.C. (the College’s radio station), the mailroom, and Dutch Hollow. The second floor is home to one of the two main dining halls. The Dean of Students Office, Community Standards, Title IX Office, Strauss Unity Lounge and the Women's Resource Center are located on the third floor. The Office of Student Activities, the Office of Residential Education, and the Concordiensis (the College newspaper) is located on the fourth floor.

  • Religious & Spiritual Life

    Reamer Campus Center 203

    The Offices for these resource people are located on the second floor of Reamer Campus Center. They offer opportunities for community, worship, spiritual and ethical exploration, for personal growth, for community service, and religious holiday observances.

    The Director of Religious and Spiritual Life is hired by Union College to enhance religious and spiritual life and its practice while encouraging respect for religious differences. This ministry assists members of the community in the integration of religious and spiritual pursuits with the rich intellectual life available at the college.

  • Residential Education

    Reamer Campus Center 409 | (518) 388-6117

    The Residential Education Staff works with students to facilitate a positive living/learning experience within the Union residential community through personal interactions and programming. The Residential Education Office selects, trains, and works throughout the year with over forty-one student staff members to make the residential experience positive and rewarding. Residential Education coordinates on-campus housing placements throughout the school year as well as the off-campus lottery that occurs in the winter term. All Union students must live on campus provided that space is available but a small amount of senior students may be released each year. Residential Education is also responsible for developing and implementing College residential policies and regulations with the intent to establish positive living communities, safe living conditions, and respect for the rights of everyone in the community.

  • Special Events and Conferences

    Facilities Services Building | (518) 388-8732

    The Office of Special Events and Conferences is the primary point of contact for faculty, staff, alumni, and all outside organizations who wish to use Union facilities for their events or conferences. Instructional activities (classes and labs, rehearsals and concerts, theater, tutorials and seminars, etc.) and major institutional events (Board of Trustee meetings, Commencement, ReUnion and Homecoming First-year Orientation, Parents Weekend, Nott Memorial exhibits, etc.) have planning and scheduling priority, with the exception of College Park Hall which offers year round conferencing to outside organizations.

    It is recommended that all persons interested in using campus facilities first review the scheduling and solicitation policies posted on the events web page prior to planning their event. Event coordinators in the Office of Special Events and Conferences will work directly with students to provide event planning training, assistance with event coordination, advice on risk management and liability compliance, vendor selection, and site selection. Office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

  • Student Activities

    Reamer Campus Center 404 | (518) 388-6118

    The Office of Student Activities is the focal point for the development of social, cultural, leadership, recreational, intellectual, and student governance programs at Union College. The Student Activities staff provides support to student leaders as they develop their leadership skills and create a variety of events and activities. It is the goal of the Office of Student Activities to create a comfortable environment for the students of Union College to share, create, and implement their own ideas. All programs sponsored by the Office of Student Activities are created and undertaken by students with guidance and support from the Student Activities staff. Along with advising more than 100 student clubs and organizations, the staff works closely with the following groups of students.

  • Title IX Coordinator

    Reamer Campus Center 307 | (518) 388-6865

    The Title IX Coordinator oversees all complaints of sexual harassment, sexual or gender-based violence and/or misconduct and monitors the progress of the cases brought to the attention of a responsible College official or employee. Additionally, the Title IX Coordinator ensures that students have access to information about and educational programming related to the prevention, recognition, or reporting of sexual harassment, sexual or gender-based misconduct. Union College takes all incidents of sexual harassment, sexual or gender-based misconduct very seriously and is dedicated to providing an educational and work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment in any form. These principles, which are enforced by law, are woven into our mission statement and strategic plan and apply to our employment process, academic programs, and services to Union College students.