Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center

Medical leave

Considerations For Medical Leave Through The Counseling Center

  • You must be a current client of the counseling center.
  • The counseling center treatment team will determine whether mental health issues prevent you from completing the academic term. If this is the case, a medical leave may be granted.
  • In taking a leave of absence, you understand that you will not be eligible for re-admittance until your mental health issues have been addressed through counseling or other specific treatment recommendations.
  • You will need to move out of campus housing and remove your belongings during your absence.

Considerations For Return

  • Have your treatment provider seen during medical leave send the Community Provider Report Form to the Director of the Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center.
  • Email the Dean of Students Office to let them know that you would like to return so that they can re-enroll you to register for classes/housing.
  • You must submit all paperwork for re-admission to the college no later than one month before you plan to return. Documentation can be sent to Union College Counseling Center, ATTN: Marcus Hotaling, Wicker Wellness Center, 807 Union Street, Schenectady, NY, 12308 or they can be faxed to (518) 388-6147. Additionally, you must follow any requirements set forth by the Dean of Students Office, including making them aware that you plan on returning to Union College.

LOA Community Provider Form