Finance Department

Contract Management

The Vice President for Finance and Administration is the sole authorized signatory for Union College. All contracts and renewals must be signed by the VP for Finance and Administration.


Contracts Management Team -
Lynn Davis, Director of Procurement - (518) 388-6137 -
Joe Novaro, Procurement Associate - (518) 388-7142 -

If there are questions or you need additional assistance, please reach out to either of us via email or by phone.

Standard Contract Templates

Procurement has available some standard contract templates. Below are some of the most commonly used templates for goods and services. If you have a specialized need beyond these templates, please reach out to


Note: Union login required to access and download these forms

All Other Contracts

In cases where the standard contract template cannot be used, please allow 2-3 weeks for contract review. If the review is time sensitive, notify the Contract Management Team.

Contract Review Checklist

Prior to submission, the originator (Administrator, Department Chair, Dean or Faculty member) is expected to review the contract using the Pre-signature Contract Checklist as a guide. This is a helpful tool to ensure the contracts has all required components before submitting the contract to the Contract Management Team. A completed checklist is required to be submitted with the contract.

Important note:

Prior to signature by the VP for Finance and Administration the contractor and department must supply the following documents to complete the document package:

  • W9, W8-BEN or W8-BEN-E
  • a Certificate of Insurance meeting the requirements of the contract (an ACCORD form)
  • all the contract documents including any attachments, exhibits or other required items.

The contract must be signed by the vendor/contractor prior to review or execution by the College.

Other Considerations

  • Contracts require a contracted vendor to provide proof of insurance and potentially name Union College as additional insureds. Depending on the nature and value of the goods and services being provided determines the level and nature of the insurance required.
    • Each situation and contract is different, but Union College does have minimum insurance requirements: Insurance Requirements
  • All contracts for software or technology related items are required to be sent to the Chief Information Officer for review. Please see the IT Contracts Section of the Pre-Signature Contract Checklist. Depending on the nature of the services and technology, the contract request may be subject to further review by the Administrative Systems Advisory Committee and/or an external IT Security Review team.
  • Where students are engaging in activities through Union College (i.e. clubs, outings, activities on campus) it may be required students sign a Student Waiver of Liability form. Departments providing the activity are required to obtain all required signatures and collect/store all waivers. Student groups looking to hold such an activity that requires a waiver should work directly with their sponsoring department for approval and access to the release of liability paperwork.