Finance Department

Contract Management

The Vice President for Finance and Administration is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the College, unless a standard pre-approved contract template is used as described below.

To schedule a meeting to review and clarify questions regarding the contract process, or to submit contracts for review, please email:

Contract Management Team
Joe Novaro, Procurement Associate - (518) 388-7142

Standard Contract Templates

Legal Counsel has developed standard contract templates to be used. As the terms have been vetted by legal, and as long as no changes are made to the contract language, the contract originator has the delegated authority to sign the contract template with approval of that department's Vice President.


Note: Union login required to download

All Other Contracts

In cases where the standard contract template cannot be used, please allow 2-3 weeks for contract review. If the review is time sensitive, notify the Contract Management Team.

Contract Review Checklist

Prior to submission, the originator (Administrator, Department Chair, Dean or Faculty member) is expected to review the contract using the Pre-signature Contract Checklist as a guide. This is a helpful tool to ensure the contracts has all required components before submitting the contract to the Contract Management Team. A completed checklist is required to be submitted with the contract.

The contract originator is responsible for reading the entire contract and attachments to ensure that the contract accurately reflects the statement of services and terms and conditions.

Other Considerations

  • Template Addendum to Contract. Contracts that include on-campus work and/or working closely around students should have certain items addressed in the contract. If they are not addressed, an addendum including these items may need to be added. See links below for templates which can be modified as appropriate.

    On the COVID-19 Addendum, the contract originator must identify the safety protocols needed to be followed by the vendor by checking the box for the appropriate provisions in the attached addendum. Additionally, the attachment to the addendum should be included with the contract as well which outlines the safety protocols for unvaccinated individuals coming to campus.

    Per Union's vaccination and COVID-19 Protections Policy for Contractors, all contractors are required to submit a statement on their letterhead attesting that they will remain in compliance with the relevant requirement as selected on the COVID addendum. Contractors also agree to provide evidence of compliance upon request from the College.
  • Insurance Requirements. For third party agreements there very frequently will be Insurance Requirements, particularly for contractors who will be performing services on campus.
    • Details of the insurance and insurance levels should be specified in the contract and meet the College's minimum Insurance Requirements
    • It will be expected that a Certificate of Insurance will be sent along with the contract naming The Trustees of Union College as an additional insured with the appropriate insurance levels.
  • Technology and Software. Any contract related to technology and software should be forwarded and reviewed by the Chief Information Officer, as specified in the IT Contracts section of the Pre-Signature Contract Checklist.
    • The CIO will review with the Administrative Systems Advisory Committee to help vet new systems that impact enterprise processes (as needed).
    • The CIO will perform an IT Security Review if college data will be transferred to the platform being purchased.
      ​​​Due to time needed for potential data security and enterprise process review, it is recommended to coordinate with ITS early in the software procurement process to avoid excessive delay.
  • Student Participation. In instances where students are engaging in an activity through Union – i.e. clubs outings, activities on campus, it may be necessary to obtain a signed Student Waiver of Liability form. Student groups looking to hold such an activity that requires a waiver should work directly with their sponsoring department for approval and access to the release of liability paperwork.
    • The College waiver should be signed in addition to any waiver required by the vendor
    • The department/group sponsoring the event is responsible for having all participants sign, and to collect and hold the waivers
  • Contract Renewals. If the contract is a renewal of a previous contract, has previously been reviewed, and there are no changes to the contract, please note this when sending to These contracts can be signed by the contract originator, after review by the Contract Management Team and as approved by the Vice President overseeing the service under contract.

Contract Review Process

The graphic below illustrates the typical workflow for reviewing and submitting a non-standard contract for approval.

Contract Process