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Card Program

Union College's Card Program is used to make purchasing an easier and more efficient process. The credit card program helps reduce the use of limited purchase orders, check requests, cash advances, and the use of petty cash. The card can be used for memberships, subscriptions, conference registrations, travel arrangements, and online purchases that are applicable for Union College's business purposes. The program is overseen by the Card Program Team within the Finance department and is monitored regularly for appropriate spending. This College-issued card is reconciled regularly within Finance and requires active participation by all users involved within the process.

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How do I get a card?

Supervisors, Managers, Department Chairs, etc who are in need to request a card for their Faculty / Staff members should submit a request through the New Card Program Applicant form. This form must be submitted by the Approver of the future Account Holder. Once submitted, the Card Program Team will begin the onboarding process and alert the new Account Holder when their card arrives at McKean House for pickup and arrange a time where they will be asked to attend a short training on the software, policies, and reconciliation.

Before arriving, the new Account Holder should fill out Union College's Cardholder Agreement. Once submitted, it will be sent to our Card Program Team as confirmation of the terms and agreements of the credit card's use. Without this submitted properly, the Account Holder will not be issued their campus credit card.

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