Finance Department

Tax Exemption

Union College is generally tax-exempt from federal, state and local sales taxes for purchases made in accordance with its 501(c)(3) status.

It is the College's policy to take advantage of the tax-exempt status whenever possible. Failure to comply with College policy can result in personal reimbursement of taxes paid by the individual making the purchase.

Using the Tax Exempt Forms

You will need to download, print, and sign the forms below, then provide them to the vendor. Please print several forms to take with you while traveling as the vendor may require a paper form. The NYS tax exempt number is also printed in the top right corner of the Union Purchasing card.

Online Purchases

For online purchases, the signed form should be uploaded at the time of purchase. This can be done by setting up an account with the vendor and then uploading the form. Please note that you should use your Union College email address, and not your personal email address, as all future purchases with your Union email address will be tax exempt. If you are having trouble uploading the form with the on-line vendor, you may have to contact the vendor customer service for instructions to upload.

If you are using a travel service to book arrangements (i.e. Orbitz,, etc.), you will need to submit the signed sales tax exemption form at the time of booking the travel arrangements through the travel service. The hotel will not accept the form as the travel arrangements were not booked directly with them.

In-Person Purchases

Please provide the vendor with a printed copy of the signed form at the time of purchase. This would include retail purchases, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Tax Exemption Forms by State

The tax-exemption status and process is determined differently by every state and Union College must follow the guidelines issued by that state. Please carefully observe each certificate to ensure whether or not your purchase will be covered under the tax exception certificate. Listed below are the frequently visited states in which Union College has determined its tax exemption status. The appropriate state should be considered where you intend to use the goods. For example, if product is purchased from Massachusetts and shipped to New York, the New York State tax exemption should be used.

Can't find the state you're looking for? Contact Purchasing and we'll research it for you.

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States with Other Situations

Alaska (AK) - Does not charge any sales or meals taxes.
Colorado (CO) - Use the New York (NY) Tax Exemption Form.
Connecticut (CT) - Contact Purchasing for exemption. Approval by the CT Dept of Revenue (at least 3 weeks in advance) is necessary before any Union purchasing within the state of CT. Details can be found here.
Delaware (DE) - Does not charge any sales or meals taxes.
Hawaii (HI) - Does not charge any sales or meals taxes.
Missouri (MO) - Use the New York (NY) Tax Exemption Form.
Montana (MT) - Does not charge any sales or meals taxes.
New Hampshire (NH) - New Hampshire does not charge any sales tax, must pay meals tax.
Oregon (OR) - Oregon does not charge any sales or meals taxes.

Any unlisted state - No exemption possible, must pay sales tax.