Finance Department

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable issues checks bi-weekly to vendors and individuals. Payment is initiated by submission of a payment request or purchase order in conjunction with an invoice and departmental approval to pay the invoice. Checks are sent to payees by U.S. mail. Requests to pick up a check should be included in the payment documentation.

The deadline for each bi-weekly check run is close of business on Thursday prior to the check issue date (see pay dates). Checks will be mailed on the Friday following issuance. Any special or late submissions should be emailed to Accounts Payable with an explanation of the circumstances.

Please use the guide below to determine the type of payment method to be used. Links with additional guidance can be found at the bottom of this page.

Type of Purchase or Reimbursement Payment Method
Purchase of goods or services from a vendor College issued purchase order
Purchase of goods or services from a vendor that does not accept College issued purchase orders College credit card or a payment request
Salaried Faculty / Staff Reimbursements Works / Payroll
Hourly staff reimbursements, Student reimbursements, or non-Union faculty / staff reimbursements Payment request via Accounts Payable

Payments made through Accounts Payable for services rendered may result in the payee receiving an IRS tax form 1099.

Union College Accounts Payable checks are valid for 180 days.

Inquiries into payment status or lost checks should be directed to our Accounts Payable Team or (518) 388-6630. You may also find the status of your payment request by using the Payment Status instructions found under Payment Requests (below).


Accounts Payable utilizes Bank of America Paymode-X to replace paper checks and other traditional electronic payments. We are asking our vendors and suppliers to enroll in the service so that all future payments are promptly made electronically. Union College will begin making payments via this method once the vendor has enrolled and has been activated in the service.

Additional information can be found here.

Vendors looking to enroll in Paymode-X can click here to be directed to the enrollment process.

Payment Request Status

To follow up on the status of a payment request please reference Payment Status Instructions (Login is Required). If you have further questions please reach out to Accounts Payable.