Finance Department


Reimbursement Procedures

Please navigate below to the section for the appropriate party being reimbursed. Each individual, depending on their employment status within Union College, will follow different procedures to complete this process.

Salaried Faculty and Staff

Submit a reimbursement request through Works. If you do not have a Works account, you may request one by reaching submitting a New Card Program Applicant Form or by having your admin submit the request on your behalf.

  • Instructions on how to enter a reimbursement request via Works can be found here.
  • Attach receipts or documentation to support the reimbursement.
  • Add comments to the request stating the need for the reimbursement.
  • Once completed in entirety and approved, the amount will be reimbursed to the employee's paycheck. Please be advised that the reimbursement needs to be completed at least 9 days prior to the following pay cycle in order to receive it in that pay period.
  • If you need further guidance, please reach out to Card Program.

Students, Hourly employees, and all other Individuals

If a student or hourly employee is interested in receiving this reimbursement via direct deposit, or applying the reimbursement to their tuition balance, please have the student or hourly employee complete the ACH Payment Request Form. The student or hourly employee will then need to send this form, as well as a bank document confirming their Routing and Bank Account Number to Accounts Payable.

If the reimbursement is for a candidate for Union employment, please refer to the Candidate Travel Guidelines. If you need further guidance on reimbursements for Union employment candidates, please reach out to Human Resources.