Residential Education

Damage Charges & Appeals

Following students moving out, members of the Res-Ed & Housing team will inspect each residential space on campus for damages. Normal wear and tear is not considered damage. If damage is found in a student space, the cost of repair and replacement will be determined, and assessed to individual student accounts. Damage to common areas will be assessed to all occupants of a space unless an individual or individuals take responsibility for the damage by emailing Notification of damages will happen during the summer and will be sent to a student's Union email.

Fixed Cost Damage Charges:

Improper Check-Out/Excessive Cleaning Fee: $150

  • Charged if a student fails to move out of their room by the closing deadline, if a student abandons personal items in their living space, or if the space is not cleaned prior to departure

Large Furniture Removal Fee: $50 per piece of furniture

  • Any furniture larger than a standard folding chair that is abandoned in a living space will result in a charge per piece of furniture to each student assigned to the sapce

Key Replacement Fee: $50

  • Failure to return room key by move-out date

Damage Charge Appeals

For students who believe that they were wrongly assessed a damage fee, an appeal for the charge to be waived can be submitted. All students who wish to appeal a charge must appeal individually. One student cannot appeal on behalf of an entire room. Student should utilize their Community Director to record any issues with their space that they do not believe they are responsible for prior to leaving. (Please note: Requesting staff to record this information does not guarantee that a charge will not be assessed).

Appeal requests must be submitted no later than July 15th, 2024. Appeals will not be considered past this deadline. All communication regarding damage billing, and appeals will be sent directly