Nickname criteria

Nickname evaluation criteria

In order to provide a consistent framework for evaluating suggestions for a new nickname, the College’s nickname project team has developed the following list of criteria to guide the discussion of new names.

While it’s possible - even likely - that no single name will score high on each criterion, it is our hope that the best ideas will touch upon several of these dimensions in a positive manner.

A good nickname should address the following questions, each of which begin with “Is the new Union nickname …”

  • distinctive and ownable by Union College?
  • marketable and easily articulated?
  • one that elicits a sense of pride among students, employees and alumni?
  • something that communicates a sense of the College’s aspirations?
  • indicates ties to Union’s history and/or place in New York?
  • one that aligns with the College’s values, including our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging?
  • one that will stand the test of time?