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Meet Charger: Our New Mascot Team

CHARGER UNVEILING: Story and video here

MEET CHARGER, our New Mascot Team

Charger, Union's new red fox Lab puppy


Union's newest family member is a red fox Labrador retriever purchased by the College from a reputable breeder in the Hudson Valley after a careful search.

When not serving as a College ambassador, Charger is living her best treat and love-filled life with a local family with strong ties to Union. Our first priority is to ensure Charger's health and happiness. Rest assured, she will receive the best training and medical care - and all the love - a dog could ever want or need.

Charger, Union's new mascot

ABOUT CHARGER (the mascot)

Union's new costume mascot is excited to join the community and cheer on the Garnet Chargers. The garnet dog was chosen as an homage to the ubiquitous presence of our canine friends on the dog-friendly campus.

Charger loves fist bumps, high fives and meeting members of the Union community so make sure to say hi when you're on campus!