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Card Program

Union College has a credit card program to make purchasing an easier and more efficient process.  The credit card program helps reduce the use of limited purchase orders, check requests, cash advances, and the use of petty cash.  The card can also be used for memberships, subscriptions, conference registrations, travel arrangements, and on-line purchases.  It is a College owned card and Union College pays the bill.  The reconciliation of transactions is done using our on-line software and training is necessary for card use.

How do I get a card?

Managers and Department Chairs approve all transactions and should send an email to cardprogram@union.edu requesting a card for their employees. The email should include employee name, ID number, default account number, department name, and card limit. Once the card arrives, you will be asked to attend a short training on the software, policies, and reconciliation.

All Department Administrative Assistants have credit cards to assist faculty with making purchases; however, all tenure-track, visitors, and lecturers may receive their own College-issued credit card if appropriate.

Log into Works

Login to Works by going to www.union.edu/works. Note that the username and password is unique to the Works site and is not necessarily the same as your Union account.

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