Finance Department

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is mandatory for faculty and administrators on the semi-monthly payroll. If you are on the bi-weekly payroll but do not currently have your paycheck direct deposited to your bank, please consider enrolling today. With direct deposit you have:

  • Added security because you never have to worry about a stolen or lost check
  • Convenience because there is no need to go to the bank.
  • Reliability since your money is deposited and available on payday even if the bank or the College is closed.
  • Many banks offer incentives to employees with direct deposit, such as free checking and other services.
  • Helped the environment by moving to a paperless solution.

Enrolling in direct deposit can be done through Employee Online, which is effective immediately, or by completing the Direct Deposit Form. Please email the completed form to 7 days prior to the pay date. Note: Students do not have access to Employee Online and should use the form to request Direct Deposit.