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Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life at Union College supports both the mission of the college and that of the division of Student Affairs by providing an inclusive living environment that fosters personal development and cultivates opportunities for student learning that complement the academic curriculum.  The residential experience encourages social responsibility, cultural competence, and develops engaged citizens during their time at Union and beyond. 

Residential Life will engage students around four core values, and will develop skills in these value areas progressively throughout the students’ careers at Union.  The four core values and related progression of skills are as follows:

I. Achievement

  • Initiation of goal setting
  • Goal definition
  • Taking action towards goal accomplishment
  • Goal actualization and reflection

II. Citizenship

  • Self-exploration
  • Peer awareness
  • Community membership
  • Global responsibility

III. Engagement

  • Orientation to community
  • Leadership development
  • Ownership/mentorship
  • Transitional ownership

IV. Wellness

  • Awareness of needs
  • Development of healthy habits
  • Ability to anticipate challenges
  • Maintaining balance

Please read through the following closing information so you are aware of what you will need to do before you leave on-campus housing in June!

A Tobacco/Smoke-Free Union:

In efforts to maintain a healthy environment for all its students, faculty, staff and visitors, Union College will become a tobacco/smoke-free environment effective July 1, 2016 The initiative, which bans tobacco use within the buildings and/or on the ground owned or leased by the College, is the product of a combined student, faculty and staff task force. Over the course of the upcoming year, the Task Force for a Tobacco/Smoke-Free Union will lead the College's efforts as it transitions to a tobacco/smoke-free campus. To learn more about the policy a for information and resources on smoking cessation please visit our tobacco/smoke-free policy.

Off campus housing and lease signing:

Union College is a residential college. All students are required to live on campus for their entire time at Union College, provided space is available.  

Historically, all seniors who wish to live on campus are able to be accommodated. Only a limited number of seniors are released each year to live off campus. Students are discouraged from signing a lease with a landlord off campus until they are given explicit permission to live off campus.

More information available here.