Finance Department


Kronos is an application used to record time worked for hourly employees and report vacation used for all employees. It is being introduced to replace paper timesheets and vacation request forms. It will be rolled out to each department until all staff and students are using the system.

Not all employees have access to the web interface. If you punch at a timeclock note that you can review your punches and submit time off requests from the device itself.

Kronos is accessible from off campus (without the need to use a VPN).

Login to Kronos with your standard Union user name and password.

Timeclock Locations

Timeclocks for use by hourly workers are currently installed in the following locations:

  • Facilities Structural - located in Facilities Services Main building
  • Facilities Cleaning - located in Facilities Services Main building
  • Facilities Grounds - located in Facilities Garage
  • Facilities Boiler House - located in the Facilities Utilities Plant
  • College Park Hall Main - located by the front entrance of College Park Hall
  • Williams Center for Campus Safety - Squad Room
  • Dining West
  • Dining Rathskeller
  • Dining Dutch Hollow
  • Dining Hale House
  • Dining Upperclass