Finance Department

Print and stationery

Union College is committed to consistency and accuracy in the use of the college logo and school color. To this end, we offer the following guidelines.


  • What are the acceptable college logos and colors?

    There are two official logos for use by the campus community.

    The official color for Union College is PMS 202. Two additional logos are restricted for use by Athletics (Block “U”) and the President’s Office (Minerva seal).

  • Are there approved formats for stationery designs?

    Yes, there are two approved formats for letterhead. Option 2 allows the department to include a department email. There is only one format for envelopes and business cards.

  • Are there additional options?

    Letterhead and second sheets can be ordered in three different colors; white, natural white (commonly known as “buff”) and watermark. Envelopes and note pads are not available in watermark.

  • How do I order letterhead, envelopes or business cards?

    Departments place their stationery orders online from our approved external vendor Dupli or by contacting Paul Debiase in the Reamer Copy Center (518) 388-6130 or

    Both vendors have the approved logos, colors and formats on file.

    The difference between the vendors is in the production – offset printing vs. photocopying and turnaround time. The Copy Center can usually fulfill your order within 1-3 days. Allow two weeks for delivery of a Dupli order. Dupli orders can also be tracked online.

    The price per thousand decreases as the quantity increases. Consider ordering larger quantities if storage is not an issue.

    To order from Dupli log in to their website.

    Approved department purchasers have accounts at Dupli with a username and password. If you do not have an account at Dupli, please contact Purchasing at or (518) 388-6630.

    On your first login, you will be prompted to create your own password and input your “Department Name”, “Building” and “Department email” if applicable. This information will be saved for future orders.

    Select your product and desired quantity to create a proof of your order. Please note that the sample size is for proofing and will appear smaller than the actual size.

  • How do I order print materials?

    For printed pieces intended for internal campus use, please contact Paul DeBiase in the Reamer Copy Center (518) 388-6130. If you’re not exactly sure of your printing needs, Paul can help determine whether he can produce your project in-house. If he is unable to meet your print specifications, Paul will forward your job to Joyce Chabot, print manager, in the Communications and Marketing Office.

    For external marketing publications or pieces done by a graphic designer, please contact Joyce Chabot (518) 388-6615 or She will solicit bids from external print vendors and select a printer to meet your quality and budget requirements.

  • How do I pay for my print or stationery orders?
    • Copy Center charges will be processed internally as monthly Department Charges.
    • Dupli orders create an online shopping cart. Please use your Union College credit card. For security purposes, this
      information will not be stored.
    • Print pieces will be charged to your department by Joyce Chabot but will appear as a credit card charge.