Finance Department

Purchasing Policies & Procedures

It shall be the policy of Union College to obtain all supplies, equipment, and services at best possible value - value defined as the optimum combination of price, quality, availability, and service.
In conforming to this policy, the following are approved methods for acquiring goods and services:

Purchase of goods or services from a
College issued Purchase Order
Purchase of goods or services from a vendor that does not accept College issued purchase orders College credit card or a Payment Request
Salaried Faculty/Staff Reimbursements Works/Payroll
Hourly Staff reimbursements, Student reimbursements or non-Union faculty/staff reimbursements Payment Request via Accounts Payable
  • Purchases between $10,000-$24,999 in total – require oral or written quotes and the department needs to compete a Competitive Bid Compliance Form
  • Purchases over $25,000 – require formal written bids

    Some important notes:
  • Union College is a 501(c)(3) organization and is tax exempt for all expenditures in New York and other various states (the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is available upon request)
  • All purchases of goods and services should be coded appropriately to the correct Account

    Number(s) and Object Code(s)
  • Gift cards or gift certificates are not permitted expenditures (A gift - less than $100 in value - to volunteers who are neither employees or student workers is allowed)
  • The Purchasing Office of Union College supports the Strategic Plan’s commitment to the sustainable stewardship of resources via environmentally preferred purchasing guidelines
  • Through our Amazon purchasing power we encourage the use of those businesses which have been typically disadvantaged. Our Amazon account now reflects the support of sales to minority/women owned, disabled and veteran owned, and other disadvantaged sellers through Amazon’s search engine
  • All shipments should be delivered to Union College