Residential Life

Resident Adviser Job Description

Being a Resident Adviser (RA) is not only a fun experience, it’s an opportunity to be a positive role model and a student leader with students living in your residence hall. The RA position is an opportunity to learn essential skills and responsibilities that will be valuable in your education and in your professional career.

The roles and responsibilities of the Resident Adviser are:

• Develop a sense of community and respectful environment for students living in the residential community.

• Establish and maintain relationships with residents by being available and approachable in the residential community.

• Plan and implement multiple programs per term while also having motivational 1-on-1 interactions with all of your residents.

• Participate in one large-scale building-wide program with the entirety of building staff.

• Create two bulletin boards per term, and one set of door decorations each term for your residents.

• Mediate roommate conflicts and address resident concerns.

• Be knowledgeable about resources on campus and refer students appropriately.

• Confront and document College and Housing policy violations in the residential community.

• Respond to emergency and critical incidents involving residents related to health, safety, and security issues.

• Provide overnight on-duty coverage in the residential community (avg. at least 1 night per week), including rounds (2-3 rounds during the evening) and available and visible in the community to residents.

• Foster communication and community among residents and fellow staff members.

• Communicate regularly with the Residence Director (supervisor) and College administrators.

• Maintain a positive attitude and support for Residential Life and Union College while working as an agent of the College.

• Demonstrate appropriate and responsible behavior at all times, both inside and outside your designated area, and follow all policies and procedures set forth by the College

• Work and collaborate with other offices on campus, including, but not limited to, Facilities, Campus Safety, Dean of Student’s Office, Multicultural Affairs, Health Services, Counseling Center, and Becker Career Center.

• Attend weekly staff meetings (avg. 1-hour meeting).

.• Complete Life Safety Room Inspections each term.

• Complete all administrative paperwork required.

• Assist with and attend Hall Opening and Hall Closing each term.

• Conduct check-ins and check-outs as students are moving in and out of their rooms each term.

• Attend and participate in Fall Training (third week of August) and Winter Training (January 2019).

• Attend and participate in all In-Service Trainings.

• Balance time and responsibilities of RA position, academics, and extra-curricular activities effectively.

• Maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative and term GPA.