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Majors at Union: Quick Guide to Opening Course Sequences

The following majors have no specific first year requirements, other than the mathematics courses noted below. Prospective majors should take one or two introductory courses in the department or program during the first year.

Languages: For majors and minors, students should start or continue a language in the earliest term in which the appropriate course level is offered.

Sciences with first year course requirements, or strong recommendations

Astronomy, B.A. MTH 113*; PHY 100 (FALL ONLY); PHY 110 & 111 or 120 & 121

Biochemistry, B.S. BIO 103, BIO 104; CHM 101, 102**; MTH 113*, 115

Biological Sciences, B.S. BIO 103, BIO 104; CHM 101, 102**; MTH 113*

Chemistry, B.S. or A.C.S. B.S. CHM 101, 102**; MTH 113*, 115; PHY 110 & 111 or 120 & 121

Environmental Science, B.S.*** MTH 113*; ENS 100; BIO 103; CHM 101, CHM 102; introductory Geology course numbered 110 or higher

Mathematics, B.S. MTH 113* and 115 (or 115H), then MTH 199

Physics, B.S. MTH 113* and 115; PHY 100 (FALL ONLY), 120, 121

All Engineering Majors take ESC 100 (FALL ONLY).

For additional guidelines on first year courses, click here.

Biomedical Engineering, B.S.

Computer Engineering, B.S.

Electrical Engineering, B.S.

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

Additional Majors

• Interdepartmental Major (ID): Many departments and programs can contribute to a combined major, and list their requirements for their contribution to the combined major with the notation “ID” -- for example, “Africana Studies (ID), B.A.” under majors and minors.

Leadership in Medicine/Healthcare Management, B.S.: Students admitted into the LIM program should consult with the LIM Director and Advisor.

Organizing Theme B.S. / B.A.: Students may propose a major that includes courses from at least three departments. Students should review the timeline for proposals by the beginning of the sophomore year, and submit the proposal no later than the spring term of the sophomore year.


*Mathematics courses: Depending on their preparation, students may take the equivalent of MTH 113 by completing MTH 113 in a single term, or MTH 110, 112 over two terms, or MTH 105, MTH 112 over two terms.

**Chemistry courses: Students with appropriate preparation may substitute CHM 110H for CHM 101, 102.

***This major includes multiple tracks: consult the catalog for more information.